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Thank you for visiting my Foster's fansite. My nickname is Sparky and has been since I was 17, so call me that. I am a woman in my 40's and yes, I like cartoons. Always have always will! It's not fair that society thinks that people *have* to give up things that they enjoy just because they've gotten older. That's why I identify with Mac so much. I would never tell a child they were too old for something that makes them happy and harms no one.

This webpage was started in June of 2005 when I began taking screengrabs of the show for the people on tvtome.com (now tv.com). It started when someone else posted some grabs of a couple of epsiodes online and then people started getting too demanding and unnappreciative (both he and I thought so) and he got mad and took them down. I didn't think that was fair to the people who weren't complaining so I taped and capped Mac Daddy and posted the grabs in an indexless directory on my site theneitherworld.com. People liked them so I taped and capped more episodes. Finally I decided to make webpage galleries which necessitated designating a section of theneitherworld.com for Foster's screengrabs. I set to work screencapping each and every episode. Someone on tvtome asked me to make a forum so I did that. Then I decided to start a fullblown fansite (mostly to house the Terrence Appreciation Page since Terrence is my favorite character and he doesn't get much love on other Foster's sites). In July of 2006 I purchased the www.fosters-home.com domain, and that's where you are now!

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This site maintained by C. "Sparky" Read. This site is a partner of The Neitherworld. "Never Forgotten" is a fan site and in no way actually affilliated with Cartoon Network or anyone else associated with the creation and production of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. No, really. I have nothing to do with Big Fat Awesome House Party. I did not cancel it, I can't help you play again, nothing. I mean it. THIS IS A FANSITE ONLY. Seriously, people, stop asking me to help you get your account back, you're wasting your time. :P