Okay you guys, here is the deal with the Foster's Photo Album.

In the episode The Big Picture Mr. Herriman flipped through a photo album containing supposedly each annual house photo dating back to the House's first year in business. I carefully went frame-by-frame during that scene and screencapped each page of the photo album as Mr. Herriman flipped through them. I know they are each different pictures because of the steady progression in ages of Frankie and Madame Foster in the foreground, even though the configurations of imaginary friends on the stairs behind them DO appear to have been recycled between shots. However, like I said, they ARE all different. I scrutinized them carefully for differences, and again, they were each seperated in the animation by a page flip, so they really do appear to be all different. If you find two that are completely identical you can point it out to me if you like, but they were all shown as seperate pages in the album. I call 'em like I see 'em.

There are 34 pictures, and Frankie appears in the fourth, as a very small child. That means that Frankie was in about 30 annual photos, which of course cannot be right as we know she is only 22. So you have to take this "photo album" with a grain of salt. I know the pictures aren't terribly sharp, but they simply weren't as sharp as the rest of the episode, so I guess they were just supposed to look that way. So don't yell at me for them being of "bad" quality, this was the best I could do. (Can you tell that I get a lot of negative email from people? I do, unfortunately. I try my best, I swear!)

Because the images are fun animated I made them into a fast slideshow (to save bandwidth, this uses the thumbnails you've already loaded instead of me uploading a seperate animation). Yes, there's a peculiar "twinge" at the end where the animation appears to reverse for the last couple of frames. Again, I swear that these screencaps are in order, so I don't know what's up with that...Oh noes Frankie is shrinking again and Madame Foster is growing!! Sounds like something Bloo would think up.

Watch the Slideshow!

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