Because sometimes I have stuff and I don't know where else to put it!

~ Comics ~

Foster's Home Comics - As seen in Cartoon Network Block Party.

~ Songs ~

Songs taken directly from the series. If you're looking for the main theme, you can find it here.

Potatoes - Performed by Taco Fiesta in the episode Schock Star.

Talk To the Jeans - Performed by Pizza Party in the episode Schock Star.

Talk To the Jeans (enhanced version) - Performed by Pizza Party and Taco Fiesta (with the help of the Blue Sabbath Experience Mach III) in the episode Schlock Star.

Jackie Khones, Private Eye ("Eye On the Mayo") - Performed by Jackie Khones in the episode Jackie Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook. (Contributed by DanMat6288)

~ Music ~

These files were created by Teddog, and were taken from the online Foster's game (now finished) at These were the three clips you could play on the boombox object, and they looped endlessly. Each of these clips is about 45 seconds long.

Clip 1 - The basic Foster's theme
Clip 2 - A hyper mix-type thing (my favorite one)
Clip 3 - Sounds like a clown parade or something

~ Stuff by Patrick ~

Cel Phone Ringtone: If you have a phone which can play polyphonic tones - you can use this as your tone! Just type the following address into your mobiles web browser:

And if you have an older phone this simpler version might sound better:

Voicemail Greeting: Mr. Herriman answers your phone!

~ Stuff by Danny ~

iPhone Ringtone: If you have an iPhone the above midi won't work, so try this modified ringtone by Danny:


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