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Default If there was a Foster's Adventure Game

Awhile ago we were all talking about what genre of game we'd like to see a licensed Foster's game as. We all know it would never happen, but alot of us agreed that a classic adventure game (like Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Grim Fandango(woo all LEC ref's)) would be the best bet.

Now lets say we were making such a game, what kind of puzzle would we throw in?

I'd like to see some loosely episode based puzzles as well as some original, the first one I can think of off the top of my head is one where you (You'd prob be playing as Bloo or Mac... Or maybe more characters in a Maniac Mansion like fashion) have to trick Madame Foster and Frankie to cook something other then IT.

Really there are lots of fun thing's you could think of for puzzles! I had more ideas when I came up with this topic, but right now I'm kinda brain dead (middle of the week, oi)

So lets hear your ideas, that are probably a million times better then mine!
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