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I like to take different approaches when I write about Terrence, so I've divided my stories up into series. Each series has basically nothing to do with eachother, and are of varying degrees of humor, angst, and canon...ness. o_o So. Yeah. Please review my stories, even if you're not a member of Because it would be nice. 8^) As we all know, there are few fans of Terrence out there, therefore my stories tend to be rather bereft of reviews. I'll take all that I can get. ;^) These are all complete.

Series 1

These stories are supposed to be pretty silly, and rather short. Here I try to keep Terrence as canonical as possible, making him the jerkfaced idiot we all know and love, with a high degree of humor. Try to think of these stories as episodes of Foster's...if Terrence was the star. ;^) Yes I plan to write more of these.

I'm With the Banned
After being banned from the junkyard after the events of Eddie Monster, Terrence schemes to get back in.

Series 2

These are actually the stories I started to write first, and it was before I had really seen all that much of Foster's. You can totally tell I was feeding off of what I read in other people's fanfics, because now, after seeing the pilot and the rest of the series, I can't as easily see Terrence as this brooding dark figure I started with in Focus. Oh well. I hope to continue this series anyways, I really want to get him to age 18. I apologise for the stupid titles of these, I'm usually better with titles...
Note: I've decided to discontinue this series.

A revelation for Terrence leads to an unexpected change in his life...and possibly the lives of others. Contains the mildest of harsh language

Pt I: Summer School. Pt II: The Audition. Pt III: A birthday and a rite of passage. Contains slightly harsher language than Focus


One-shots and other miscellaneous, non-series-related fics, both humorous and otherwise, relating to Terrence.

Show and Tell
He could not remember that which he had lost...but the pictures would never let him forget. One shot Mac angst.


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