FusionFall Trip Planner


Please let page load comepletely before trying any combinations.

This planner is for the Past area of FusionFall only, and of course you must have every area already registered on your nanocom in order to use every route given here. I used my own preferences for some of the routes where different combinations are possible, leaning more towards the speed of SCAMPERS despite the higher cost (with certain exceptions). This took tons of code so one, please do NOT steal this code/page unless you give full credit to this site and two, if I made any mistakes - whether they be typos or flat-out route-planning errors, please please email me. Thanks.

Credit for the java code used here goes to javafile.com for their base "2n1drop" code and my brother for modifying it to work with the text box. All the route planning was done by myself.

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