Nano Power Grid

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I had to put the intro for this on a separate page so the grid can fit on a single printed page. NOTE: the colors in this table will not print by default. You have to alter your browser's settings to print backgrounds and background images temporarily (remember to put it back after you're done). The method to do this varies by browser. For Firefox, select File > Page Setup and tick the box that says Print Background. For IE, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced Tab > Scroll down to Printing, tick the box that says Print background colors and images. For other browsers do a search for intructions.

So, what this is is a printable grid breaking down each of the 36 powers available between the 36 nanos currently in the game. I made it so I can have a visual aid of all the powers I have chosen for my nanos, so that every time I get a new nano and have to choose one of their three powers I can glance at my chart and see what power I need the most. What can I say, I am very disorganised and have a short memory, lol. Anyways you can print this and then circle the nanos for each power you have in your collection.

Between the 36 nanos none of them have identical powers, if you factor in the three different types (adaptium, blastons, and cosmix). Truth be told some of them don't matter which type you have - an adaptium run self is for all intents and purposes identical to a cosmix run self. Same for recall, scavenge, bonus, antidote, jump and the other defensive and miscellaneous powers. Only the offensive powers (drain, leech etc) depend on their color type - and possibly sneak, although I'm not sure about that. But any power that affects fusion monsters is affected by its type. Then of course you have the self and group variants.

Use the Fusionfall Wiki nano powers list for descriptions of the different powers, in case you're not sure of the difference between say, drain and damage.

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