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The Game Room Topics on official Foster's video games, board games etc that you can purchase belong here.

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Default Fosters' on Sky Gamestar

You may not have heard of Sky Gamestar, so I'll describe it quickly. It was an interactive TV service on Sky digital boxes from 2001 up to 2015. For 60p a session, you could have an actual game beamed to your TV which you could play with your remote. They even made a whole gamepad for the service, if you can believe that!

Now recently, one of the companies that produced games for Gamestar, Denki, put up most of the games they created in a sort of archive, and two of them just so happen to be "Foster's Home" games!

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Episode 1: Tick Tock Terror (originally released on 14 April 2005)

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Episode 2: Brotherly Love (originally released on 10 November 2005)
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