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Default Wizard of Oz

Yup. It had to happen eventually. I've seen fanart of it by other people, but I don't recall seeing the story. Don't worry about Imagined Away, I'm still writing that one it's just more detailed than this one. Also, if you care to see the fanart I'm going to draw based on this piece of work you can see it right here.

May the story begin!

Chapter 1: Swept Away

The sound of breaking glass filled the air, and it was quickly accompanied by the screaming of a certain royal imaginary friend.

Up in the Mansion, Bloo was running as fast as his non-existent legs could carry him, to get him away from the scene of the crime. Duchess' shrieks and screams of bloodlust filled the air, as more random objects were thrown in Bloo's direction as he fled.

"YOU INSOLENT LITTLE TOAD!! I AM GOING TO HAVE YOU KICKED OUT OF THIS DUMP!!!" the indescribable European accent filled the air, her shrieks filling the air like poisonous gas. It caused most friend's in the close vicinity to jump at just how dangerous and angry she sounded. It was given that Duchess was rarely happy, but her voice alone could melt metal.

Mac had just arrived, it being three o'clock, and had heard the tail end of Duchess' shrieks and screams as he entered the foyer. Bloo all but flew off the stairs and skidded to a halt, falling onto his back and came to a halt in front of him.

"...Bloo, what've you done this time?" Mac asked.

"Nothing!" Bloo shot back, even before Mac had finished his sentence. He sat up. "Her royal ugliness confiscated my paddle ball, so I just go back in there to find it but I can't but then I see it's on top of her big stupid dresser so I climb up on it and then before you know what's happened the stupid thing's fallen over and her royal stinkiness comes in and starts screaming blue murder! ...literally!" the blue friend explained while animating his hands to show just when he was climbing, falling, and when the screaming occurred. "It's totally not MY fault!"


"Ya see?" Bloo asked, exasperated from his explanation but beyond grateful that Mac understood.

"But still," Mac started, glancing over his shoulder. "We both know Duchess is a force to be reckoned with, and if you did break some of her stuff-even when it wasn't your fault-" he added as he saw Bloo was about to protest, "She just might get Mr. Herriman on her side and get you kicked out of here!"

This was true enough. Everyone knew Mr. Herriman didn't like Bloo at all, and had told him so on numerous occasions. And given Bloo's breaking of just how he was offered accommodation in the mansion without having to be adopted, the rabbit had always watched him and heard for any mischief so he could barge down upon him like a storm.

Both boys gulped.

"I gotta get outta here Mac!" Bloo grabbed his friend's shoulders, shaking him in desperation. After a few shakes Mac broke free of his clutches.

"But Bloo, we can't run away!"

"Oh yeah? Who says we can't? Either way I'm outta here like… like… I dunno, something body wants!" the blue imaginary was clearly distressed. Normally, Bloo never took things he broke as seriously as he had when he busted Madame Foster's bust. But this wasn't a bust, this was Duchess they were talking about. The one imaginary Mac called an 'imaginary fiend' behind her back.

The two stood in silence for a few moments before they both fled from the foyer as the sounds of high heels began storming their way down the upstairs corridor that would lead to the foyer.

It wasn't that much later when two silhouettes were seen fleeing from the Victorian mansion, but neither seemed to really know which way to go or where either. They couldn't go to Mac's home, Bloo was meant to be gone. They couldn't go back to Foster's, they'd be in deep trouble with not just Duchess, but probably Mr. Herriman, Frankie... maybe even Madame Foster! They couldn't face that kind of wrath. So they were running scared.

So scared in fact, they failed to see something stirring upon the horizon. Something big, swirling, and causing a great mess in it's wake.

Back within the mansion, alarms were sounding. It would have to be the first time this kind of alarm had ever been used in all of Foster's history. I mean really, who ever heard of a twister striking this town?

"It's absolutely preposterous!" shouted the rabbit angrily at the window where he could see the looming destructive force. "This is the complete incorrect climate for a twister, you sir are unwanted!!"

The alarm continued to ring through the mansion and Frankie was panting as she was running through the house, directing 'traffic' as it may. "C'mon people move it move it MOVE IT!" she hollered, grateful to see some of the larger friends had managed to scoop up the smaller (and younger) friends to carry them to safety.

Whilst the house had indeed been here for generations, during the 'Cold War' time in America a massive bomb shelter had been dug out in the backyard. That was just where all the 2,000+ occupants of the house were going. And a few of the neighbours, who didn't have the luxury of cold concrete and steel in their backyards to take shelter in.

Wilt, Eduardo and Coco were also herding as Frankie was. It was a surprise given Eduardo used to be terrified of just a thunderstorm was managing to keep a sort of level head around him. Probably due to his Guardian instincts telling him he had no time to be afraid right now, the smaller friends need his help. Coco was picking up the scavengers in her beak and tossing them out the doors to follow the long line that was now descending into the shelter.

"Wait a minute," Wilt stopped, looking back behind him. He knew every single friend in the house by face and name and he had seen everyone but... "Where's Mac and Bloo?" he asked.

"Azul?" Eduardo asked, for he too hadn't seen the familiar blue blob. Or Mac.

"Coco!" Coco cried, looking out at the storm which was almost down upon the house. The windows were beginning to shake.

"Oh man we can't leave them, where are they??" Wilt was beginning to panic, if Mac and Bloo were still in the house there was no way he could leave them.

"Coco co occocococo cooo!" the birdplantplane friend cried, grabbing his wrist band and began to tug at his arm but that did little good since his arm stretched.

"Coco is right! Maybe they is okay, maybe they is somewhere, we can no stay here anymore! Wilt I is ascared!" Eduardo too had glanced outside, and seen a few trees being ripped up from the ground.

"I'm sorry but-" Wilt started, but before he could finish it Eduardo had actually picked him up off the ground and managed to carry him, also pulling Coco under his other arm and ran full force through the winds, and took a running leap and the trio vanished into the bunker as the door slammed shut behind them.

Mac and Bloo had indeed seen the monster, and both had screamed like a pair of little girls before turning and running back to Foster's. Neither knew of the shelter, they had never really been in this sort of situation before. Forgetting Duchess's fury and now more worried about the storm's fury they ran into the mansion but found it deserted.

"What, where are they?!" Bloo screamed, "They're NO where!"

"W-what if they've been blown away already?" Mac asked, terror lancing through his body at the idea of his friends being tossed around in the winds.

"Don't talk like that!" his friend shot back, but he too now had visions of Wilt clinging to the basketball hoop as it was flung around the storm. Mac grabbed Bloo's hand and they ran as fast as they could through the house,

"FRANKIE? MADAME FOSTER? WILT? EDUARDO? COCO? ...DUCHESS? MR. HERRIMAN?!" both boys screamed out the names of their friends, and then some, but to no avail. The two bunkered down in one of the rooms and just sat there, clinging to the other in silent terror as the storm's screams grew louder, and louder. The very house felt like it was shaking in terror, and then the storm finally hit.

To be continued

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Great read, CG (and this is coming from someone that really doesn't read much fan fiction). I'll be checking back for more.

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I am filled with suspence.
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Originally Posted by One Radical Dude View Post
Great read, CG (and this is coming from someone that really doesn't read much fan fiction). I'll be checking back for more.
yeah, i dont read much of this stuff, but this is pretty good. i cant wait for the rest of it
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Thumbs up Loving it!

Well done CG!
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Chapter Two: Beanieland

What felt like a few frenzied moments of utter insanity mixed in with terror filled screams from both Mac and Bloo, the house felt like it had lifted itself off the ground if but by an inch, before slamming back down to the ground. As the dust (and a few pieces of furniture) began to settle both Mac and Bloo crawled up from beneath a curtain that had fallen during the storm.

"...are we still alive?" Bloo asked, checking himself first to see that he wasn't a ghostly apparition.

Mac was already walking to the hallway and looked down. Picture frames and vases were scattered along the hall, and he winced for Frankie who would have to clean this mess up. Not just this mess, but imagine the mess throughout the entire house! Oh man, she'll be dead before she finishes this. Bloo quickly joined him as the two made their way down the hallway, and into the foyer.

It was when they entered the foyer did they realise it seemed the house was on a slight slant. Bloo partially slid to the side, and had to grab onto Mac before he went falling into Mr. Herriman's office. "What the.." Bloo started, seeing all the odds and ends that had accumulated on that one side of the foyer.

The two managed to walk at an angle to grab the front door and pushed it open. What met their sights wasn't what they were expecting. Normally they'd see the massive tree in the front yard, the path leading down a slight incline towards the wrought iron gates. Instead, they saw a bunch of houses spread out before them in all the colours of the rainbow. Rooves were thatched, but the paint upon the wooden walls was like something out of a little child's colouring book.

Between the houses were trees, which seemed to be growing lunch pail boxes. And soda pop. The regular flowers grew up to about half the height of the houses, which was saying something since they were all very... small. Mac and Bloo could have entered them quite easily if they wanted to, but an adult would have some trouble. Very slowly Mac and Bloo left Foster's, which they realised, had all but landed in a ditch. "Man... I hope Madame Foster has insurance." Bloo finally said, breaking the silence.

"Bloo!" Mac snapped, "That's the last thing we have to worry about! Where in the heck are we??" he looked around, wide eyed. They were lost, obviously. Not knowing where they were, how far they were from Foster's, home, everyone else. This was simply awful, no matter how sweet the surroundings looked.

Bloo already had wandered away to look through a window of one of the houses. Inside it was just as colourful inside as outside, even if it was a bit shadowed by the other shut window. "Bloo don't do that!" Mac pulled him away, "You can't go looking into people's houses!"

"But they're not home, so they can't complain." Bloo replied casually.

"That's not the point!"

Their bickering continued on, about what's right and wrong in a place like this, it was so intense neither noticed something approaching from over the hills. It was a... bubble, apparently. A pink bubble, floating on the wind and eventually stopped just behind the two. When it popped, the noise finally got the two boys attention. Bloo backed up a step while Mac just stared with wide eyes.

The young woman was a sight to behold, in a light pink gown that looked like it belonged to a fairy godmother. Frills were every where, a bow held her flaming red hair back off her face and a crystal crown was atop her head. But she also looked very familiar. She had the same face as someone that Mac, and Bloo, felt they should know but right now, they just couldn't catch it. She grinned at Mac, then at Bloo and she did this for a few minutes.

"Well hi!" she finally said with a wave, given her other hand clutched a wand. "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"

"Huh?" Mac and Bloo asked at the same time.

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" she echoed again, this time to Mac.

"Um. No... I'm Mac. I'm a kid." he replied, worried this person might have suffered some head trauma at some point. Or maybe he did - that would explain this place. "Look I'm lost, and I was wondering-"

"Well are you the witch?" the young woman had turned her attention to Bloo, who snorted.

"Witch? Please! I'm not some ugly old witch, I'm Blooregard Q. Kazoo, 'n that's Mac." he thumbed to Mac, even if Mac had introduced himself.

"Oh." she seemed a bit disappointed. She then seemed to remember something from long ago, even if it was just said. "And hey!" her eyes narrowed a bit, "I'm a witch and I'm not old and ugly!"

"Wow really who woulda guessed with the crown 'n the wand 'n all." Bloo said, slightly sourly. He suddenly got smacked in the head with the wand.

"Watch the mouth, you." she snapped, before turning back into a sweet voiced lady again. "Anyway, as I said. I am a witch, I'm the Witch of the North! And this, is Beanieland, home of the Beanie Baggies and a few other friends. And you, Mac and Bloo, have released them from the tyranny of the Evil Witch of the East! It's great!"

"We did what now with who?" Bloo asked, dumbfounded. Most probably due to the wand to his head.

"Well, look. See?" she pointed with her wand. Finally Mac and Bloo did look behind them to see how the house was indeed on it's side, but what was underneath it. A pair of legs. Black and white stockings, and upon those feet were red shoes. Both Mac and Bloo paled considerably.

"...we... crushed someone...?" Mac asked. "I am so grounded."

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"No, not grounded, never grounded!" the Good Witch declared, clasping her hands together. "This is like, the BEST thing ever to happen to these guys in a long time!" she turned around and waved her arms. "Guys, c'mon! She's really dead, come on!"

It took a few moments, but finally some forms began emerging from not only the houses but from the surrounding bushes too. Some looked like they were toys that had been granted life, one was a purple giraffe, while another was a blue hippo. But then there were ones that didn't fit in at all, like a slim green creature with one eye sat atop his head. All looked like a mix between terror, confusion, and joy. Some just looked down right confused at what to believe, and could you blame them? The Wicked Witch of the East had ruled over their town for years, turning the citizens one by one into toys; and now suddenly this massive house had came out of no where and killed her. Was she really dead? Was she faking? They hoped she wasn't.

"So c'mon guys," the Witch nudged at Mac who still looked a bit traumatised, "How'd you do it? Use your magic to lift your house?"

"Uh?" Mac asked, still lost in a loop of worry for killing someone, even if she appeared to have been evil.

"Duh, no. There was like, well um..." Bloo paused, before continuing after gathering his thoughts. "I kinda sorta maybe broke some stuff so me 'n Mac were running away from Fosters, that's Foster's by the way," he said with a point to the mansion. "But next thing we know there's all these sirens going off 'n at first we thought Herriman had called the police on us but it turned out a tornado of all things had hit our town! Me 'n Mac ran back to the house, Mac crying all the way by the way, but when we got there no one was there anymore so we went 'n hid in the cellar and when we came out we were here. And that's pretty much it."

There was a few hushed moments of silence before the cheering began. All the little citizens, be them plush or living, squealed in delight at what finally hit home. She WAS dead! She was no longer going to keep her tight fish of control on them anymore, no more are they to live in fear of being turned into either toys, or pulled to pieces by her hooked nails! Finally, freedom!

"Oh my gosh we SO have to make a bust out of you guys!" said a pink squirrel with a bow on her head.

"Really? Well be sure to get my GOOD side." Bloo replied smugly, striking a pose.

"On behalf of the Lollipop Guild," said the green one eyed fellow they had spotted earlier, who for some reason had a voice much deeper then you expected, "We're pleased to welcome you to Beanieland. Here." he hauled up a lollipop that was bigger then himself and thrust it into Bloo's arms.

" THANKS! Check it out Mac, we're celebrities! Do we get a holiday house here now?" he asked eagerly, before Mac smacked him up the back of the head. "Ow! What??"

"Bloo we can't stay here! We gotta get home again! My Mom, Terrence, Madame Foster- they're all back there! We can't just leave them there!" he couldn't stay, no matter how nice and welcoming everyone here was.

"Tell me one reason why I should go back there, when I can be a somebody here!" Bloo snapped back, already having some fruit handed to him by a pink elephant.

"...your paddleballs." Mac thought fast.

Bloo's reaction was just what Mac expected, his eyes had gone wide and his mouth had hung open for a few moments, too shocked to say anything. But just as he was about to say something, a thunderclap filled the air and the wind seemed to growl in anger at what was going on. All the citizens of Beanieland screamed in unison and dived for cover, be it in the bushes or behind the Good Witch. Both boys had shielded their eyes at the sudden flash of light, and when they opened them someone stood before them. Someone with green skin, draped in a black gown that went from her neck all the way to the ground. In one hand there was a broom (a gold broom, fyi) and a black triangle hat sat atop her head. What was most noticeable was, she seemed to look like a Van Gough painting, both eyes on one side of her face, and her nose was that of an elephants.

Slowly her eyes looked from the Good Witch to Bloo, Mac, and then to the surroundings. Finally she spoke, spitting as she did. "Who killed my sister?" she screeched, "Who killed the Witch of the East?" her eyes snapped back to Mac and Bloo after they had glanced around the surrounding area. "You. You two vile pieces of filth, YOU did it didn't you?" she asked.

"...I'm sorry but aren't you meant to be dead? You certainly LOOK like someone dropped a house on you..." Bloo said, before Mac slammed his hands over his friend's mouth, eyes wide in terror.

The Good Witch would explain that this was the Wicked Witch of the West, but not until her back was turned. "Excuse mee~!" she sang out, walking over to stand behind Mac and Bloo to offer some physical support. "But aren't you forgetting the shoes?" she asked, while pointing her wand at the house.
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The green witches eyes lit up at the very mention, and she did an about face. Who knows why since she managed to stay looking like a two dimensional being in a living environment and stalked off towards the house. At this moment the Good Witch bent down, whispering to them both. "You killed the Wicked Witch of the East, that one's the Wicked Witch of the West. Hate to say it, but she's loads worse."

"Thanks for the tip." Bloo muttered.

A scream of anger filled the air, and the Witch of the West had returned, anger flashing on her features more then ever. "My ruby slippers, my precious EXPENSIVE ruby slippers! What have you done with them? Tell me now before I turn you into a frog, which would be a VAST improvement!"

The insult seemed to bounce off the Good Witch, who snorted a laugh through her nose. Not very ladylike, really. "Pshaw, like I'd let you have them. I gave them to him." she pointed directly downwards and so did Mac and Bloo. Somehow, some way, the red shoes had jumped from the squashed Witch of the East to Mac's feet. And let's just say red ruby slippers did nothing for him.

"Ah!" he screamed at first.

"...ha ha! You're wearing GIRL shoes!" Bloo sang while pointing.

"You disgusting little creep, give them back to me!" the Wicked Witch lashed out, pointing directly at Mac and seemingly channelling all the fire of hell to match her glare at him.

"No don't, you keep them on. They must be way powerful if she wants them so bad." the Good Witch whispered.

"Shut your mouth, or I'll fix you too!" came the backlash from the other Witch. Once again, the Good Witch had to snort before flicking her red hair.

"Puh-LEASE. You know you've got no power here, so get lost before someone else drops a house on you too. Not like it'd make any difference." she shot back, folding her arms triumphantly.

For a split second a look of fear crossed the green skinned witches face and her eyes looked upwards. Luckily now, the forecast read no signs of incoming houses. She growled. "Fine! For now I shall retire, but know this you badly dressed child, this is NOT the last time our paths shall cross. Oh yes, see that as both a warning and a promise." she turned to leave, before spinning back and pointing as dramatically as a 2D woman could. "I'll get you my pretty, and your disgusting little blue blob too!"

Another sudden flash of lightning and growling winds filled the air, and just as she arrived she was gone. The very air seemed to have frozen in the aftermath of all the anger and hostility. After a few moments of frozen terror the Good Witch sighed. "Well this is great, c'mon guys." she waved her hands, "She's gone now, c'mon out."

Very slowly, even more cautiously from before the citizens of the small town emerged from hiding. What a day they were having.

"This isn't good..." she mused.

"You think?" Bloo asked, annoyed at being called a blue blob.

"So tell me," the Good Witch looked down at the two boys, smirking at young Mac's face as he was still staring at his new shoes. "I guess you guys wanna go home even more then before huh?"

"Yes." Bloo said quickly. "Ugly Witch kind of convinced me maybe this place ain't so crash hot. No offence guys." he added to a few citizens who were stood near by. Some of them shrugged, whilst one said, "It's a living."

"Well there's only one thing for you to do, there's only one person in Oz who can help you now." she drew herself as tall as she could and suddenly looked very important for a woman in a pink ball gown and a crown atop her head. "The Great Wizard of Oz himself."

All gathered, save Mac and Bloo, bowed their heads at the very mention of his name.

"Wizard of Oz? he a nut cake too?" Bloo asked.

"Tch, hardly." she replied, before beginning to lead the two along the road.

"So how do we find him?" Mack added, watching how some of the citizens of Beanieland were following after the trio.

"Well you know what they say, it's always best to start at the beginning. I mean duh, if you start at the end you totally ruin the whole story and that's a pretty stupid thing to do." she started, before pointing her wand. "He lives in the Emerald City in the very heart of Oz. It's quite a journey, you got a broom stick with you?"

"Uh... Forgot?" Mac asked, slowly coming to terms that he is indeed stuck here. At least for now.

"Shoot. You're going to have to walk then," she muttered, strumming her bottom lip with her fingers. "Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. Now, to get there it's fairly simple. Follow the yellow brick road."
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The two waited for more information. After it didn't come, Bloo asked "Wait. That's it?"

"Yup. All yellow brick roads lead to Emerald City. So just follow the road." she nodded before she suddenly faded not just away, but into the form of the pink bubble again. Those gathered waved and bid her farewell as she began to float away on the breeze again.

Bloo watched her go, before waving his arms. "Wait! Can't you give us a lift? Hey! HEY!!" but she was either ignoring him, or couldn't hear for soon she was gone. Bloo snorted, "Man. What a rip off. We gotta walk all the way?"

"I guess so..." Mac said, before looking down at the road they were indeed walking on. Every single brick was bright yellow, and the long trail vanished onto the horizon. He looked over his shoulder at the toys and various other friends, all watching their ever move. "So uh.. this way?" he pointed. They nodded enthusiastically. "Great. Thanks."

"No thank YOU Mac and Bloo!" said the pink squirrel creature, "You'll never be forgotten here!"

"Remember, get my GOOD side!" Bloo shouted back as the two vanished onto the horizon towards a city in which hopefully their salvation lay.

To be continued again
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*Applause* ~ can't wait for the next chapter!
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