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Default Little Ed Lost

Authors Notes: I recently saw the movie 'My Neighbours the Yamadas' and some of the experiences in the movie just so fit something that could happen to those in Fosters I had to write up this one. I might do more. Think of this as a filler whilst I contiue to write the last chapter of Return to Oz.


Open on the Fosters bus driving down the road. Frankie is steering, and looking kind of agitated, as one would be since she has Coco, Bloo and Wilt in the bus with her and all are giving her directions.

Bloo: No, you gotta turn right at the next stop!
Wilt: I'm sorry but I do believe it's on the left, you just keep going past the lights.
Coco: (Don't listen to any of em, turn left then right!)
Frankie: Quiet! All of you! Why can't ya be like Ed, huh? He's not hounding me with directions!

The three grow quiet for a few seconds.

Bloo: Frankie? Eduardo's not here.
Frankie: ...what? Where is he?
Coco: (Oh no! We forgot him!)
Wilt: I think we better pull over.

The bus indicates, and pulls up on the side of the road. Frankie turns in her seat, looking at the three imaginaries and indeed, where Eduardo normally sits is now empty.

Frankie: Where is he? Bloo! I thought you were watching him!
Bloo: Hey don't pin this on me! I was watching him!

Cue the wavy fade back to the store. Bloo and Wilt are sat on a bench, waiting. Eduardo is propped up against it, asleep. Wilt taps his shoe in time with the music playing over the speakers whilst Bloo looks as bored as bored can be.

Frankie: [from off camera] Sorry we're late! You wouldn't believe the lines!
Bloo: Man about time! I coulda gotten a smoothie!

We watch as Wilt and Bloo get up and move away from the bench. The group jabber amongst themselves about having to get to the video rentals, and leave. Eduardo remains, still fast asleep by the bench. The wavy fade back ends, to see the Fosters bus doing a U-Turn and heading back to the store.

Frankie: He must still be at the store!
Wilt: Oh man, I'm sorry but this is not okay at all! How could we forget him?
Coco: (Yeah seriously, HOW? He's like. Massive!)
Bloo: [disgruntled sigh] Great, there goes the video store.
Frankie: [glances at him] Bloo! Don't be so self centred! What would you do if anything would happen to Eduardo?
Bloo: Something?
Frankie: Yeah!
Bloo: Something like what?

They remain silent.

Wilt: mean... kidnapped?

Frankie, a bit surprised by the idea, nods. Trying to get the idea home that Eduardo might one day just be 'gone'. Plus blaming the others seems fairly easy.

Coco: [sigh] (Poor Ed. Forgotten while we all get excited about nothing.)
Frankie: [short, snortish laugh] That's rich, Coco! We're late because you couldn't find a dancing sunflower statue!

Cut back to Eduardo, who is now slowly making his way around the store. Seeing no familiar faces he bites his bottom lip before turning and heading off again. He passes a sign that reads 'Never ever, ever ever speak to strangers' pinned on the wall. As he makes his way back to the seat he fell asleep at, he sits. A few moments tick by, until a little boy comes wandering into the area. He's got glasses on, fair blonde hair and wouldn't be six years old. He stands there, looking like a lost lamb until Eduardo finally looks at him.

Eduardo: ...hola?

The little boy eyes him, but doesn't move. Or open his mouth.

Eduardo: Es you lost?

The little boy shakes his head.

Eduardo: ...can you no speak?
Little Boy: [small voice] I'm... I'm not suhposed ta talk... ta strangers.
Eduardo: Oh! Oh I see! Like on the posters! [nods his head a few moments] ...but is okay, you was good boy and now we es no strangers no more. Mi nombre es Eduardo!
Little Boy: ...I'm... Jojo.
Eduardo: Hola Jojo. Es you lost?
Jojo: [nods] I.. I can't find my Mommy.
Eduardo: Oh no! You see, I es no lost. Mi amigos, they is the lost ones, all of them!

Switch back to the Fosters bus, stuck in traffic.

Frankie: [puts head through the window] C'MON! I GOT A IMAGINARY ABOUT TO BE KIDNAPPED!!

Nobody moves, so she sits back in and rolls the window up.

Wilt: ...hey Frankie! Why don't you call the mall, and let them know what happened?
Frankie: Great idea Wilt!

She fumbles in her purse for a moment, before realising it isn't there.

Frankie: ...where's my phone?

Bloo blinks, and we have a quick pan back to him finding her phone in Fosters. Thinking, by its decorative design and being somewhat sleepy, it is a candy phone he actually pulls it open. All the parts fall out onto the floor. He has a 'uh oh' look on his face. Quick pan back to Bloo now.

Bloo: Why should I know?
Frankie: [groan] Great! Now we really DO have to wait until we get there. Hope he doesn't shake the place down...

Back to Eduardo and Jojo who have arrived at the counter of information.

Eduardo: Escuse me?
Lady: Uh.. yes..?
Eduardo: [motions to Jojo] This es Jojo, and his Mommy is lost.
Lady: [small chuckle] Yes, of course she is. [begins writing it down] Jojo... [pauses, looks to Eduardo] And you're his imaginary friend?
Eduardo: Who me? [shakes his head] No, no. But mi amigos is lost though!

Finally back to the bus, who finally arrives at the mall. But just as they pull in, another bus pulls out with a rather familiar big purple shadow on board. Once they part, the group tear out of the bus and back into the shop. Bloo and Wilt rush up the stairs (Wilt carrying Bloo) to where they last saw Eduardo while Frankie runs to information.

A few seconds later.

Frankie: What do you mean he's gone?!
Lady: Well, he was here with a little boy before. The little boy was lost, so we paged his mother. But then another lady arrived, and Eduardo seemed really happy to see her so he left with her.
Frankie: ...but who?! He doesn't know anyone else! He belongs with me!
Lady: A little old for imaginary friends, aren't we?
Frankie: No it's not like that!
Wilt: [comes back, still holding Bloo in his arm] He isn't anywhere Frankie!
Frankie: This lady let Eduardo go off with some lady!
Bloo: Wow, Ed really has been kidnapped!
Wilt: [alarmed, to the lady] But can't you page them?
Lady: No, they already left via that exit. [she points]

The group hurry off through that exit, and is gone.

Lady: ...what a weird bunch.

Switch to the group jumping back into the bus and it tears out of the parking lot for the second time that day. Frankie drives along, with a determined look on her face.

Wilt: Um.. Frankie? Where are you going?
Frankie: To follow the kidnapper woman!
Wilt: But.. but we don't know who she is. Or, for that matter, which direction she went. Or what car.
Frankie: [features slowly melt into shock] ...that's right.
Wilt: Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-
Frankie: No it's okay... you have a point. [groans as they come to a red light]

The group sit in silence for a while.

Coco: (Doesn't Eduardo have a key?)
Frankie: That's it!

Once more, the bus tears off and this time towards Fosters. It is now getting late. The bus eventually parks on the curb outside Fosters and they all rush out. Frankie struggles with the key in the door before rushing in and begins calling out Eduardo's name. Coco does the same, whilst Wilt rushes around to the back of the house, also calling out Eduardo's name. Bloo casually makes his way back to the house, when he arrives he waits in the foyer until Frankie comes back, wheezing.

Frankie: He's not here..
Bloo: Well what'd you expect, the door was locked!

She's about to snap something back, when the phone rings. Frankie hurries over and answers.

Frankie: Hello, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Frankie speaking...?

Bloo watches as she continues on the phone, looking bored.

Frankie: You found him?! Oh! Thank you so much! [pause] Yes, we were so worried! [longer pause] OH, no no no, no we don't do it in fact this is the first time and most definitely the last time!

Bloo then walks to the door and waves Wilt back in.

Frankie: [nodding] Right, right... we'll come pick him up then? [short pause] And you fed him? Oh, oh man... thank you so much.

Quick pan away to see Eduardo sat on a couch looking at a television. In his hands is a bowl of soup and he's dipping a piece of bread into it. He turns his head as he hears someone approaching, and grins as he sees the figure finally walk into view.

It's Nina. She isn't in her officer uniform, but a nice pale pink dress with a white blouse on top of that and her hair is down. Her hair all but reaches her waist when not in a bun.

Nina: Good news Eduardito, Frankie is coming over to pick you up.
Eduardo: Gracias Nina.
Nina: [takes a seat besides him] Still, I can't wait to hear it from their side of the story. It's a good thing I had my day off today and decided to go shopping, isn't it?
Eduardo: [nods] Si, it all work out in end.

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Short, sweet, and very nice. Good job!

"Frankie! That weird kid is using a flower pot for a cup!"

Sailor Moon. Best Anime EVER.
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That was very sweet, and everyone so much in character! You know, this would make a great Foster's "short" episode, wouldn't it?

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*claps but can't say anything that'll describe how good this story is*
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Nice story.
See ya!
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Very nice!
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Poor ed.
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