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Foster's Big Fat Awesome House Party! Topics relating to the year-long game at belong here.

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Default BFAHP is back, but be warned!! *long post*

If you have not been able to access the game due to "log in problems" I may have good news for you. The game appears to be back up and running, but there is a warning. Keep reading to see what it is.

After months of not being able to access the game I finally was able to access it yesterday.

Now I do not know how severe the "log in problems" were but something drastic had to have been done because when I logged in the game completely reset itself. I did not have to create a new account, my username and password worked fine, but I had to create my character again and the game started as though I was a new player. All my pics, buddies, hats, music, everything was gone.

Also changed was my best friend code.

There have been some updates to the game though it seems. When I logged in I was directed to the dining room where I was given a complete bedroom set, a 2nd anniversary hat, costume, and buddy. The room theme is BFAHP with a Madame Foster Fountain rug, Foster's Home bus bed and other goodies.

Also recently added are maps of each location as well as indicators as to where each character can be found. The map can be found in Notey. Notey also contains a list of all the mini games, all the prizes in each mini game and keeps a check list of which prizes you have gotten.

To make things run faster you are no longer limited to only three chores and one favor per day. You can do as many chores, favors, and adventures that you want to do provided you do them in a single session. If you complete your chores for the day and log out, when you log back in later you can no longer do any more chores. So I suppose a person with time to kill someday could take a big chunk out of rebuilding their lost property.

That is all for now.

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Thank you for the post!! I'll try my login asap.

edit: My account was gone. I had to re-register. I hadn't logged in for a very long time (even before people started having problems) so they may have culled out the inactive accounts.

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I mangled to do the same thing on last Thursday, I didn't know I could do more then 3 chores and one favor in one day.
Just letting you know when I was playing Cracking Up my internet froze and I had to take the battery out of my computer cause it was going crazy.
I'm just glad it's fixed but now I have to wait 2 years to get my birthday hats, and my Bloo adventures began with the one where Bloo wanted a cake from Edwardo, I was hoping for the one where he Films the Funny Bunny Dance.
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This was actually my experience in trying to get back in after so many months...Like Sparky I had to reregister, but it was possibly because I had forgotten either the password or the username...And this only shows my discoveries and the aftermath...=P

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I'm sooooo happy BFAHP back up , I don't even care that I had to remake my account!
Besides, I now have more items then I ever had thanks to the 2nd year anniversary, and my room looks much better then my old one (and I'm still a banana icecream )
Also, I have the perfect buddy, THE NUMBER 2! 2 is my favourite number and when I was little I used to make little characters shaped like the number 2 ( ), and it brings me back to old times

So yes, I'm happy, considering I've felt like playing the game again for a long time.

P.S. Since last time, I got myself a graphics tablet, and "Potatoes Calientes!" is really fun to play with it! Thanks for the tip Sparky
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