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Default List of all my Foster's fanfiction

OK, here's a list of all the Foster's fanfiction I've done so far...

Foster's House

Bloody, gory, and somewhat spooky American McGee-ish version of the show.

A Very Foster's House Christmas

Humour story based on the above fic where the Foster's House version of Wilt meets Santa.


Parody of Batman where Blooce Kazoo and his sidekick Mac fight Clown Guy (Wilt) and Face Squared (Terrance).

The Sorceror of Fos

Mac is trapped in a parody of the Wizard of Oz! Can he get out?


MichiyoIs that you? by Little Japan Girl
Reunion by bart simpson12
Foster's House by Moi

The former two don't have hyperlinks 'cause there's lots of blood in 'em. You can find them on
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I remember enjoying Bat-Bloo.
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I just finished reading Bat-Bloo, that was great! My favorite line:

"I'm sorry, but it looks like it's butt-kicking time!" Wil...I mean Clown Guy grimaced. Unfortuneately for Clown Guy, Bat-Bloo had brought along his Bat-Butt-Kicking Thing which easily kicked Clown Guy's butt.

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Wow, that's a bunch.
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