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Exclamation Fan-Fic Submission Rules

On this board you may post your own writings as well as writings by others if you have the author's permission, or you may post a link to either your own fiction or another's work (no permission needed if only posting a link).

As this board is accessible to all ages please no directly posting fiction that is anything other than G-Rated (and remember that the built-in editor will censor certain words automatically). You may, however, post a link to a PG-Rated story, if its only offense is some swearing (with a warning given as to its content). If you have completed a story that is harsher than PG-Rated you may post a notice about it and users can contact you off the board (through email or another specified means) to obtain either a forwarded copy of the story or a link to its location online. The thread can then be used for (G-Rated) discussion.

If the story involves any pairings or is sexually suggestive in any way, even if only mildly (pregnancy suggests sex, for example) I need you to post a LINK, not the story itself, and clearly state what the story contains in the first post. No exceptions. Please don't be offended by this rule - some people prefer not to read about certain parings, for example, and it is unfair to "force" them to.
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