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Default Switching a Nano's Power For Another

Before the beta ended last night I tried changing a nano's selected power for another. I *really* don't care for how that works. Buying 5 units of a poweritem was easy, as taros are easy to come by, but all my fusion matter was wiped out - and I was 9th level, it took me that long to make enough? Or does the fusion matter you're holding fluxuate, I never kept a close eye on it. Anyways after swapping out a nano's power I *thought* that meant that later on you could go to a nano station and go back to a power you previously had for "free" - but no, I have to collect fusion matter and buy 5 units of a poweritem again. That doesn't seem right at all. You should be able to spend the game earning the ability to unlock all 3 of a nano's abilities and then be able to swap between them as you desire, once you've earned them. At least that's my opinion.
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I agree!
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