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Default Oh Fanfiction, We Are Still Losing Thee!

This was an interesting topic, so I've decided to resurrect it.

Anyway, I've also thought of another reason people may write dark fics about Foster's - contrast. You know in all those thriller movies where a cartoon is playing in the background when nasty stuff is going on? They do it because of contrast, which makes the scene more effective. It could be that dark fics set against the background of a cheerful cartoon are more nastier and creepier than 'normal' dark stories because it's got something to contrast with.

Or maybe these authors are fans of American McGee's Alice and want to apply the magic of that game onto Foster's. Although, usually when a Foster's character becomes goth or emo in these fics, it's for reasons other than HAVING THEIR LOVING PARENTS ROAST IN A BLAZING INFERNO RIGHT BEFORE THEIR VERY EYES.

I've mentioned Duckman a few times on these here forums, and I'm going to mention it again. Why? Because Duckman's wife has died, his sister-in-law hates his guts, his children are either deformed or retarded, his partner is better than him at everything, his mother was so inattentive she was reincarnated as a germ, he's got an evil chicken wanting revenge on him and all he can do is rant or take it out on Fluffy and Uranus. That's the show that should be having the angstfics Foster's has. Maybe some authors of these dark, gritty Foster's fics should be watching that show. Or maybe they should be watching Nightmare Before Christmas; that movie had some gothic creepy stuff, but it also had the charm, warmth and humour of Foster's.

Oh dear, and I seem to be hypocritical about this. For that I apologise. (I'm actually trying to now write some Foster's fics closer to the spirit of the show to 'absolve my sin' as it were.)

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