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Default Another Idea

Sailing the Ocean Bloo

Title Card Sound: Motor Boat running

The residence of Foster's are preparing to go to the beach, after Frankie finally settled stuff with the govener, after a certain incident Wilt caused. Madame Foster gets a new motor boat and warns everyone not to use it or else.

Since Bloo was being...well Bloo, he takes the boat out while Mac tries to stop him. The boat goes on full speed and crashes on an island. As they wait they tell secrets about each other before they die. Can the two manage to survive without killing each other?

Running gag: As Mac comes up with a way to call for help, Bloo screams "We're gonna die!"

The title kinda sounds cheesy to me.
Tell me what you think.

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Since no one is probably going to be posting here anytime soon, I may as well get this out of the way.

The Bloo Stooges

Title Card Sound: Random sound effects from The Three Stooges

Bloo's latest hijinks has caused so much damage to the Foster home that Mr. Herriman announces that they don't have enough money to pay for it, and may end up closing down. Horrified by this, Bloo announces that he (along with Mac and Frankie) will head out town to help raise the money needed to save the home... with unfortunate results.
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This thread has some really creative ideas! Here's some ideas I had before I joined the forum:

Back To The Foster's
In 2009, Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo and Coco forgot to pay for an online pizza delivery, causing them to be sentenced to 25 years in prison. In the meantime, the house was relatively peaceful. Come 2024, the gang returns to Foster's. An older Frankie and a robot Madame Foster welcome them back with open arms, but Mr. Herriman dreads what chaos they're about to bring.

Go Goo Go XII
In 2009, Goo wins a radio contest to test NASAPlace's newest commercial space vehicle, the Rocketpod. During the flight, the Rocketpod's temperature systems malfunction, freezing her for 100 years. When she arrives back on Earth in the year 2109, she arrives to a war between humans and imaginary friends. It's revealed that Mac and Bloo started the war back in 2024 because they both blame each other for not paying for the online pizza delivery. Goo, determined to save the future, uses a time phone to convince the Foster's gang from 2009 to pay for the pizza. A bunch of time travel stuff happens, and the 2009 Foster's gang finds themselves in 2024 with no memory of what happened in the last episode.

Eduardo's been taking medicine to make his voice sound less scratchy. As he's about to take one, Coco is running full speed through the hallways and accidentally ingests the medicine, causing her to sound like Hatsune Miku (she still speaks like Coco, though).

Breaking Bloo
Mr. Herriman realizes that nobody's donating to Foster's anymore, and as a result funds are on a rapid decline. In a desperate attempt to make some money, he recruits Bloo and they sell rock candy. Unfortunately, the FDA finds out that the rock candy has too much sugar and is unfit for healthy consumption, and they're forced to shut down the candy business.

Mac and the gang play an RPG, but Eduardo accidentally spills water on their PS4, causing them to be sucked into the game. Mac gains the power to steal things from afar, Bloo has the ability to manipulate water, Coco gains the power of explosion, and Wilt has a very tough armor. Eduardo has to get them through the game and defeat the Demon Lord, rescuing them from the video game.

Mac and Bloo are jealous of each other's lives, and in some bizarre twist of fate, Bloo wakes up as a human kid, and Mac wakes up as an imaginary friend.

Fostermon GO
Eduardo gets super into Chinpokomon/Hokeymonsters/Dopeymon/whatever-it-may-be GO, and the other friends check it out. This leads to a turf war at Foster's between Team Lava and Team Hydro.

Area Fifty What
Goo, known for her ability to make imaginary friends on the spot, is taken by Area 51 for experimentation. Mac and the others have to rescue her.

Attack On Extremasaur
Terrence imagines an extremasaur for imaginary dogfighting, but he didn't expect to be able to destroy buildings. He asks Mac and his friends for help, and they reluctantly agree to take it down.

Foster's Regular Black Friday
In this Cartoon Network holiday crossover, the Regular Show crew are hired as mall cops, the Foster's friends debate the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and Mung's restaurant prepares meals in advance for the crazed shoppers.
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Bloo and Coco compete to gain the most followers on BrickTok. Meanwhile, Goo hasn't been visiting Foster's much due to her crippling short-form content addiction, and Mac and the other friends are concerned for her well being and stage an intervention.
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