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Cool Help With Foster's Cave Story Mod Game

Hello Foster's Home fan community,

My (screen)name is BackyardcabinXY. (really old KyleXY show reference)

I am writing this post to ask for you help with a project I am making. I am making a Cave Story mod based off the show Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends.

(If you have never heard of Cave Story and the fan-made mods based off the original, check it out here:

If you are willing, I would appreciate your help with a few things. Firstly, the most important thing I need is a side-view drawing of the fosters house. This would include all the rooms in the hose and labels describing what each room is. Example, one room is labeled the Living-room or another Bathroom # 3, ect. I don't know if someone has already done such a drawing, if so, could you post a link or copy of it in your reply to this post. Also, a high resolution, large picture of the outside of the house would be appreciated as well. I already have one, but it is from wikipedia and it is very small in size.

Here is an example of a cutaway view:

Secondly, If you want, I need (if possible) a better sprite drawn for Mr. Harriman. I don't know how experienced any of you are at drawing sprites. If you think you can make a better sprite, please PM me or post it in your reply. The only conditions are that it MUST be a 24-bit color .BMP for it to work in my game. It also CAN"T EXCEED the HEIGHT or WIDTH of the character next to it (the evil doctor char).

Here is the current sprite I have:

Finally, if you have any suggestions or things plot wise I should add, feel free to comment. I don't have any plot so far in the game, just a sort of "explore the-house-for-stuff" type of thing.

Thank your for all your help,
I am glad there is a community that can help me with this small project of mine

I know there are issues with making a game from an already copyrighted work, but this is just a fan game, I'm making no profit from it, it is similar to fanart or fanfiction.

Thanks again,
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