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Introductions New to this board? Introduce yourself!

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Smile Introducing Me!

Hey guys! I'm VelvetRose, but you're free to call me Velvet if you want. I see that things have been pretty quiet around here, but I would love to see if I could come around to see other fans of the show as well.

I've had a deep love for this show for perhaps about 8-6 years now. And I really wish they continued new episodes to this day. Luckily, they always show old episodes on Boomerang, and I watch it pretty much every night. My favorite character of all time is Wilt. Somehow, I've always had an attachment to him, ever since I was a small child. And he still remains my favorite character to this day. But I've also developed a love and have come to develop an appreciation for the other characters too, even the ones I don't particularly have a fond of. (Except for Duchess. She's the worst in my book.) Mac, Bloo, Frankie and Coco are some of my other favorites!

I love music, writing, and a good night to just relax and watch tv. I love cartoons, and I always have! I find them more entertaining and fun to watch than live action. To the point where I wish life was a cartoon. Okay, that might sound strange, but that's how much I love the thought of animation.

But overall, I'd love to talk to you all! I'll definitely be hanging around here as often as I can. Thank you for reading! I hope to see you around.
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