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Introductions New to this board? Introduce yourself!

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I'll miss you Fosters :(
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Default Guess I Better Reintroduce Myself...

Wow! has it really been three or four years since I've last logged in?! :O Well I don't know if any of you remember/know me but I'm Bloofanatic. Because I was/am a Bloo fan. (Even though he's egotistical as fudge.) I'm quite imperessed with myself for remembering my username and password so yeah epic win for me. Alittle ashamed of my self for forgetting about this place though. But as the forum name suggests I've never forgotten the show. (Which I seriously need to get some DVDs of)

It's gotten noticeably quieter here since I've last been but I just had to pop in to say hello. lol Let me know if you remember me okay? If you don't remember me...shame on you I hope we can start over. If you're sure you don't know me then I hope we can be friends. ^^.

EDIT: OMG! My old Robotboy banner! NOSTALGIA!!!

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