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Default Voice Chat

Trial, the admin on the FusionFall forum, had a great idea to use xFire for voice chat during FusionFall games. It is free to download and set up, all you need is a headset with a mic or at least speakers and a mic. If anyone cares to join me, my username is neithersparky. I only just got it but I do assume we can set it up either so that you're talking to everyone on your buddy list or just those people in your actual group in the game. It looks pretty good, you can even use it to coordinate what servers everyone's on (assuming we get some control over that when the game launches, I dunno).

edit: (Before I forget to mention it) xFire chat is in no way associated with Never Forgotten or myself, and by joining a chat on such an outside service you agree that you understand that NF has no control over the content of chats either text or voice, and that you will not blame us if something happens on there that Offends Your Delicate Sensibility (or that of your parents or legal guardians). That is all.

edit #2: Sorry another edit - wanted to remind people that like on all other "buddy" sites I belong to I do NOT accept buddy requests from strangers. Please let me know your username on there before trying to friend me and then...well if I want to friend you, I will accept. Oh and don't share your username publicly if you don't want to, use private means if you wish.

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Great find. I'll have to try it at some point.

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Great idea~
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Default Trial

hey guys i'm Trial that Sparky mentioned if you want to add me on "Xfire" just add ffftrial to you buddies list

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I'd rather use Ventrilo. Remember that?
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chat, fusionfall

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