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Default Two Puppets & An Idiot

Frankie grabbed her keys. "Frankie? Where ya going?" Bloo aksed rushing in as soon as he heard the keys. "Dormart" Frankie said. "OOH!.. I love Dormart! Let me come!"
"Come oooooooooooooooooon..." Bloo begged. "ALRIGHT!" Frankie yelled.
At the store...
"I'm going to the toy aisle!" Bloo said to Frankie. "Ok, but meet me here in an hour" Frankie replied. Bloo zoomed off. "Dang! Only sucky toys!...stupid brown Friday shoppers" Bloo mumbled. " OOH!" Bloo stared in aw. "..sharkhead...Purple.." he said. One was purple & furry, the other puppet was a shark'shead on a pole, we all know their personalities... unless you've never seen "Bloo's The Boss"...Oh yeah rambling during the story...sorry.
"..& they're on sale two!" he yelled joyfully. He bought them.

There short I know.
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