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Foster's Big Fat Awesome House Party! Topics relating to the year-long game at belong here.

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Exclamation If you have a computer where you played BFAHP, here's how you can help revive it!

Hello, I'm part of a web game preservation project called BlueMaxima's Flashpoint, and I am working on reviving Big Fat Awesome House Party (BFAHP). If you'd like to be able to play the game again, here is how you can help!

How you can help:

If you still have access to a Windows computer where you played Big Fat Awesome House Party, you may be able to help revive the game! Web browsers often save files from websites you visit in a place called the "cache", which is particularly useful when trying to find lost web games. Just follow these steps to check your computer's browser cache for files belonging to BFAHP:
  1. Download our tool, the Flashpoint Cache Exporter:
  2. Get the tool onto your old computer. You can use a USB flash drive to get the tool into your computer and any resulting files out of it.
  3. Run the tool by following the steps explained on our wiki page:
  4. Once you've finished running the tool, you can now check the resulting files for the game. If you don't know how to do this, you can send the "ExportedCacheInfo.7z" file to me either by messaging me on this forum, replying to this thread, or sending me a message on Discord (Strawrat#1858) or on Reddit (user/Strawrat). If you need to upload the files somewhere, you can use this Flashpoint site: You'll be given a link to your uploaded files.

Let me know if you encounter any problems or have any questions!

What BFAHP's files look like:

Big Fat Awesome House Party was a Shockwave game, meaning its files will have a .dir, .dcr or .cct extension. BFAHP was quite large, so you can expect the full game to require a lot of files. It's very unlikely that a single person has all the game files. You're also not guaranteed to have any, but we don't have a single one yet so we need all the help we can get!

To give you an idea, each BFAHP minigame was a separate .cct file. This means the following minigames in Foster's arcade room correspond to 26 .cct files:

Why this could make BFAHP playable again:

This method of recovering lost browser games by checking the cache has worked in the past. A Flashpoint member once found four previously lost games in the web cache of his old computer. Although Big Fat Awesome House Party is larger than these, Flashpoint has the necessary tools to get games of this complexity running. For example, this project includes "Scooby-Doo! Crystal Cove Online" and "Total Drama: Best Game Ever", two equally large web games made by the same developer as BFAHP.


BlueMaxima's Flashpoint:
Flashpoint Cache Exporter:
Reddit Thread on r/fostershome:

Feel free to ask any questions or report any problems you find!

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