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Default Spinoff-Sequel

I was thinking what would be your sequel or spinoff idea be for Foster's.

My Spinoffs:
The Gooiest Days
The series would follow around Goo as she attends middle school life and show the troubles her imaginatination can get into leading to a lot of adventures for her and her classmates.

I would think this is a good spinoff since it would should sides of Goo that weren't showed in the series nor how did her imagination affect her "normal" life and seems to me that tweens are the hot button on a lot of networks.

Cheese the Day
In this series we get to explore where Cheese goes in some of his adventures which take him places around city and the world causing troubles and headaches for all those in his path.

After watching Cheese A Go-Go I thought what other adventures and mishaps Cheese got into and what kinds of damage he can cause on such adventures by watching what he did in that episode there's no telling where he has gone or what destruction he may of caused in other adventures.

Well that's all I have now so what's your spinoff and/or sequel!
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Hello there.

FYI stuff like fan created ideas are better suited for the Fan Fic section of our forums, so I took the liberty of moving it over there.

So feel free to continue this fascinating discussion from there.
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Sorry wasn't really paying attention where I should of posted this.

Anyway I thought this post would revive a way to keep FHFIF alive due to Ben 10 making a sequel Ben 10: Alien Force if you combine both series you'll find that it's at 75 episodes and 2 movies from the original Ben 10 and B10:AF is making another season and movie so maybe there is a way to keep FHFIF on CN.

I'll post my sequel a little later looking forward to people's feedback and their own sequels and/or spinoffs!

:My Sequel
Future Foster:

It's been ten years since Mac moved away from Fosters and a lot has changed since he left. After graduating from high school Mac convinces his mom that he is going to a college where they use to live. When Mac arrives at Fosters he sees there is new additions to the house and new faces along with some familiar faces around the house. What new adventures await Mac and the friends of Fosters this time?

Note: This is my interpretation of what may of happened in the series finale not what acctually happened so this is subject to change once they show Goodbye to Bloo on CN.

P.S. I'll put more detail into these posts if there is enough feedback. Also I look forward to everyone's own sequel or spinoff!

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Default Spinoff starring minor characters

My Spinoff

Hot Party Pizza

Starring eight of the lesser known friends at Foster's.

Good Guys: Bloppy Pants, Fluffer Nutter, Jackie Khones, Yogi Boo Boo, Billy the Squid, and possibly Ringo Rango.

Bad Guys: Ruby, Sapphire, Pinecone Cola, Mabel Licorice, and Sunset Junction.

New Characters: Vanilla, Rosanne Quartz, Stubby, Poppie Rain, Chocobear, and Kitler.

The main characters of FHIF will be returning as secondary characters with some of them being changed.
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I actually like the future foster idea.
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