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Mr. Marshmallow
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Default Now That Fosters is gone......

What next?

I was just wondering now that Fosters is over, how will this affect your guys time on this board or the frequency of your return in discussing Fosters topics? I was part of a teen Titans board long ways back and before I was forced to leave, I was part of the board when the show ultimately ended and I definitely noticed a decline in activity and things kind of slowing to a crawl.

My question is, what do you guys plan on doing? Do you think you will visit the Fosters board less or not be as active here in the messages? I just am wondering how will everyone react now that Fosters is no longer on the air. Me, personally I fear my connection to the posts like the human section and episode discussion have declined and not intentionally.

I almost always end up on the media part of the board, away from the primary Fosters stuff and I didn't like the fact i kept doing that but perhaps it was a part of me knowing Fosters was ending. Perhaps in the future I will occasionally rewatch Fosters and get pumped and talk about an episode like really deeply or a character really deeply again but you kinda get the idea.

So what about the rest of everyone else?
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The Postmaster

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There will inevitably be a slowdown of posting in the threads about the characters and the episodes; that's already happening and has been for some time. The show is over (at least until a hypothetical reunion special) so we're not going to get much new material to discuss, although if we're lucky Craig and Lauren will be feeling talkative at the Con and give us a few things to ponder and discuss (Mac's last name, details about Berry's creator, anything at all about Frankie, etc.).

There's always the reruns, too; sometimes we'll notice little details that we didn't see before, or want to say "I enjoyed it then and I enjoyed it again". Look at Star Trek; the original and all it's spinoffs have been over for years, even decades, and people still talk about them. Foster's need not be any different. We have a smaller fanbase, but we're no less loyal because of it.

There are of course many other topics we can talk about here as well. Never Forgotten is first and foremost a Foster's community but that doesn't mean that we don't talk about and share other interests, and the proof of that is in the "Other Entertainment" and "Way Off Topic" sections. All sorts of topics to read about and discuss in there, from current movies and TV shows to the foods we loathe to the stuff that gets on our nerves.

And then there's the Spam section, that huge bloated semi-chaotic mass at the bottom of the board, loaded with game threads, role-play threads, and conversation threads. Contrary to popular belief, it's not quite as bad as people think; parts of it are worse, and help keep my pharmacist in business, but much of it is just plain fun, period. The game threads are fun; some of the responses in "Make a wish... and have it corrupted", for example, have occasionally had me laughing so hard I've had to stop for breath. Same with the "Entertaining Pictures" thread, among others. Then there's "Post To Post!", which has become the site's main conversation area, sort of a de facto chat room, where a lot of us go for no reason other than to talk and hang out. Parts of it are incredibly silly but parts of it are kind of heartwarming, too, such as the time when Bloonan mysteriously turned himself into a toddler and we all rallied together to take care of him. (There were a lot of diaper jokes.) We also commiserate in there about the things happening in our lives and offer what support and encouragement we can to one another. It's the area where you get the greatest sense of community. And we are a community, brought together by a wonderful show that we'll miss, and we're a community that stays together beyond the show because we've become friends, people who've come to care about and trust each other. It's a nice experience, and everyone reading this is by all means encouraged to drop in and say hi, and maybe stick around and get to know some of your fellow members a little better. And to see the pictures Mac-a-lacka posted of his vacation last night on page page 1167. Dang good pics, dude.

I can't speak for anyone else but slowdown or not, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. This is my community, a place where I have a sense of belonging, and I have no intention of giving that up, and I hope you all feel the same. We've got something special here at Never Forgotten, even without the show. Let's keep it that way.

Just don't go in the RP threads.

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Imaginary Light
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Nicely stated, Cass.

Now, I'm definetely not the most active member, I'll admit that. But I still read and enjoy all the posts, and I've even started posting periodically in the Spam section. There's no way I'm going anywhere anytime soon. I really do love this place, and I don't feel like leaving it is in my near future.
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Settling In
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I truly have no intention of leaving. Granted, I just got here, but still, I think this entire community and all the people in it are just awesome.

Even though I don't personally post much, I do read a lot of them, and it''s always fun to do so. And it's not just the community that I'm to be a part of, it's the actual show. After 4 and one half years of watching this amazing program, it's hard to relinquish the memories you have for it, and frankly, talking about it all the great episodes over the past really makes me happy

Plus, I'm also making a few more Foster's YouTube videos, trying to find any Foster's friendst here we can share something with
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Ditto on what IL said- Cass summed that up pretty darn well.

I'm not going anywhere for a while. I know some people see a forum as a websight where people can come together and post things about a certain subject, nothing more. I see it as a community, and the people here aren't just posters, they're friends. I also feel accepted and "at home" here. It's really nice to have a place like that.

I've noticed it's slowed down drastically over the last year, and I hang out mostly in the Spam section now, just hanging out, playing games and "chatting". It's in Spam where we're developing friendship and getting to know eachother as real people, not just "forum posters". I too must state that the Spam section isn't as bad as some may think. I wish more people would venture down there and hang out with us. We'd love more people to chat with down there!
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Darn straight. ^

What started out as a mere fan forum has evolved into something much more then that, a true close knit community of good friends that I (Or mostly anyone else) wouldn't trade for the world.

And just because Foster's has stopped doesn't mean the fandom must stop as well.

There's no reason why we as fans can't keep talking about our favorite moments, characters or episodes, drawing that wonderful professional grade fan art, writing the worthwhile fan fiction or continuously bugging Warner Home Video on a daily bases to release the rest of the DVD's.

After all "Good Ideas are Never Forgotten"
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Desert Rat
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Well put T!

I believe Foster's never went away; it is still business as usual. It will be time long treasure for the younger to enjoy, and the older to remember (with a tear in their eye).
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One Radical Dude
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I haven't been around as much as I used to, but I am not going to be leaving in the near future. The reason I haven't been around as much as I used to isn't entirely based on the series ending. I'm busier than I was last year, since I'm working full-time now. I will still be around.

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Hi, new here ppl, do any of feel that fosters isn't over yet, cause i don't deep down inside.

it would be nice to have a PPG/FHFIF crossover special
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Mr. Marshmallow
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Originally Posted by frankiefan12 View Post
Hi, new here ppl, do any of feel that fosters isn't over yet, cause i don't deep down inside.

it would be nice to have a PPG/FHFIF crossover special
Dude, I would like to see a Fosters crossover with ANYONE period!

Crossovers are insanely hard to come by because companies so rarely agree wot settle the whiny copyrights to allow shows to interact. Plus Power Puff Girls is drawn differently then the format used to create Fosters.

I'm all for a Fosters crossover with ANYONE but I doubt CN would ever allow it. The closest they have (and probably will ever get) was those awesome CN bumper shorts that had the characters mingling with each other on the street.
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