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Not-So-Important Imaginary Friends
The pictures I made to support the minor imaginary friendsbecause I think they need attention.
Some doodly doodles of my favorite background character from Fosters Home. His real name might be unknown, but I call him Sapphire BlueBlitz. IMO I...
Pinecone Cola Bio
Sapphire Blueblitz Shirtless
Eduardo, Ringo Rango, Sunset Junction, Sapphire Blueblitz, Pokey Toehair, Pinecone Cola, Bloppy Pants, Jackie Khones, and Fluffer Nutter all in human...
Sapphire Blueblitz in my anthro form.
Sapphire Blueblitz as a Happy Tree Friend, you can tell he looks much different from his previous appearances in Happy Tree Friends and you can also...
Keystone and Pinkstone
I will get my revenge!
Gothic Love
Tramploline Party
No Nice Guys Allowed!
Anarchy League
New Looks
Don't You Dare Touch Me!
Snowboarding Accident
Foster's in Happy Tree Friends
Unnamed Character
CoA Poster
Ruby and Sapphire
Nick Pilgrim vs The World

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