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My Critters
"Oh hai, I'm very photogenic, please take a picture of meeeee!"
"My log! MINE!"
My mexican red knee tarantula, Jasmine.
My betta fish, Mr. Todd. He's like, the most sociable fish in the world, I swear. :P
My brother's bearded dragon, Godzilla.
Lil chillin' out on her favorite rug in front of the front door.
My pink toe tarantula, Bella. She's very fast. :P
Lil chillin' out.
Okay, I don't even put the blankets on Lil. She actually burrows herself into the blankets so she can sit like this. It's hilarious!
My rose hair tarantula, Cleo. She's very cuddly and actually likes being handled.
My kitty cat, Lil, looking very evil.
My sister's asian box turtle, Squirtle.
My sister's mouse (which I got for her :P), Charlie, taking a well deserved nap.

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