Non-Foster's-related photos. These were all taken by me and BluebottleFlyer unless otherwise noted.

It's Ash. I didn't tell him I loved him.

Plush Max on a plastic buffalo. Yup, it's a road trip now!.

Me with Steve Purcell!

If you were at Comic-Con this year: No this is NOT a statue of He-Man! It is King Greyskull,
the original weilder of the Sword of Power.

And this is the castle that bears his name, Castle Greyskull. Okay I'm done being a MOTU nerd now.

I don't know what the hell is going on, but the Ghostbusters are here.

This photo was taken by someone at Telltale Games. This is me as Sybil Pandemik
from the Sam and Max games.

GM, Plush Max, and me. GM and I are wearing the custom Sam & Max shirts I had made.

Off to the Balboa Theatre to see Rifftrax Live perform Plan 9 From Outer Space!

Bill Corbett, Mike Nelson, and Kevin Murphy.


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