San Diego Comic-Con International 2007 - Photos

Here's some photos of the 2007 Con, taken by myself, my brother, ORD, Rid, and CG.

So here's ORD, CG, Rid, Government Man...and Cassini,
who doesn't want his face shown online.

A shot of downtown San Diego after dark, taken from my hotel room's balcony.

Well, this is us standing in what turned out to be the wrong line to get our Con
badges. Cassini, taranchula, Rid, ORD, GM, CG. I took this photo so I'm not in it.

This was Lauren Faust's booth, for her company "My Firefly, Inc.," showcasing the Milky Way and the
Galaxy Girls
characters. You can see Craig McCracken, who got his own corner, sitting
behind the stuff for his original character Wander Over Yonder.

This was taken at the Cartoon Network booth; it is an example of character art for the up-coming online game Fusionfall.

The Foster's panel: Keith Ferguson, Tom Kenny, Lauren Faust, Craig McCracken.

Before the panel, we waited in the back of the room with our costumes.
Here's what the Bloo costume looks like disassembled.

CG as Frankie, me as Mac, and ORD as Bloo after the panel.

Keith Ferguson.

Keith chatting with ORD while some kid with a big head looks on.

Yup, I'm a paddle-ball master.

Rid's so hot.

So, it was a great convention. Unfortunately my car didn't think so. This was
my car on the morning of Preview Night when the brake pads wore out. The battery
died on the way home as well. Thanks, Triple-A. We love you.

Craig and Lauren were quite generous with free art when it came to the members of Never Forgotten...

They both signed my I (heart) FB boxers.

Craig seemed surprised when I asked for a drawing of Terrence. Seems the poor
kid's not very popular. (Sorry for the watermark, but I don't want anyone
using this image elsewhere.)


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