San Diego Comic-Con International 2006 - Videos

Here are my Comic-Con videos. The first is the Q&A panel at the Con, attended by Craig McCracken, Lauren Faust, Keith Fergusen, Grey DeLisle, Tom Kenny, Eric Pringle, and Kahki Jones. Yeah, I shot this, and yeah, I'm no crack videographer. I hope its okay.

The Bus the Two of Us clip is an exerpt from the panel video - I cut it out so I could host the rest of the video elsewhere and not have it get deleted for copyright infringement. You can tell the bit near the beginning of the panel where it was cut out. (Sorry about the podium blocking part of the screen at the bottom right, other than that I had a pretty good view of the panelists so I'm not complaining.)

Foster's Panel

"Bus the Two of Us" preview clip


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