San Diego Comic-Con International 2006 - Photos

Here are photos taken on either my camera or Carlos Balderas' ("ORD" or One Radical Dude on my forum). Let's just say the nicer-looking ones came from ORD. My camera kind of stinks. (Above is a photo of the Cartoon Network booth. I hope they can get a bigger one next year!)

Lauren Faust, ORD, and Craig McCracken.

Me and my "date"!

After the panel, I told Keith Ferguson that everyone was dying to know
what he looked like since there didn't seem to be any photos of him
online. So he had me take this. :^)

...And then he posed for a normal one.

At the booth signing. Sean Marquette, Keith Ferguson, Candi Milo.

Phil LaMarr, Grey DeLisle.

Sean Marquette

Keith Ferguson (think he wears blue every day normally? )

More Candi. Nice Cheese shirt!



Keith and ORD. In Keith's hand you can see a photo: that's ORD wearing a
Bloo costume he had had commissioned for another convention. Unfortunately,
he was not able to get the costume to the Comic-Con so he just brought photos.

Tom Kenny and ORD.

Tim McKeon, ORD, and Adam Pava.

ORD and Kahki Jones.

I got to meet Craig and Lauren afer the panel, and they posed with me and my homemade Wilt plush, and signed the bottom of his sneaker so I could send it to a friend for her birthday.

Then they signed my Foster's poster! They were really nice, you guys.

Poor Wilt. We squish him.

Me in the t-shirt ORD got me! I actually *drank* some chocolate milk while posing
for this, and got sick. Suffice to say, I *don't* like chocolate milk personally,
but it seemed a necessary prop.


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